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Space Mice

There’s lots of humor on the pages, from the mice wielding full-size human tools to a cheese-loving stowaway ant. A Right Stuff head-on view of the space suited mice, helmets under their arms, is particularly chuckle worthy.”

Hold This!

Alpaugh illustrates Scoppettone's brief, onomatopoeic text with bright watercolors. ...Small animals play fancifully in the background; at one point, mice float by on inner tubes.

Don’t Eat That!

A humorous and endearing tale that highlights a challenge every young dog owner faces: balancing patience and discipline, frustration and affection.

I Love You Still

A Memorial Baby Book is a baby memory book specifically made for mothers who've suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss

Sparky Helps Mary Make New Friends

Energetic dog Sparky takes his helper mission seriously....A doggone encouraging manual.

Penny Helps Portia Face Her Fears

Penny Helps Portia Face Her Fears is a story whose characters display tenacity and love; it encourages acceptance of dogs and people alike.