Diving back into Maine!

We’re back from a once-in-a-lifetime Mother-Daughter trip to Crete, Santorini, Athens and London.   It was blissful, exhausting, inspiring and color-filled.

I’m back home and ready to throw myself into the book project I’ve been working on longer than anything in my life. I’ve been sketching this book off and on since 2007. My best work seems to always be connected with it. I am finally at a point where I can often draw and paint what it is I see in my mind when I have an idea for an illustration. I’ve always fallen short before. My sketches are there and the next challenge is to get the final art to the same delicious place.

This is a sketch of the main character who I’m naming Olive and her corgi puppy, Tidbit.

11147161_10205519019109721_4595505500202510777_oI’m ready for the challenge!


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