New sketches, new work

Wow. I haven’t managed to post since just before the NJSCBWI conference at the beginning of June. Here’s a brief update!

The conference was great fun, educational, exciting, and a great chance to make connections and meet really interesting people. I felt really good about the reaction to my work and I left there ready to keep working like crazy on new images.

I’ve been trying to find a way to take at the energy and life in my sketches and translate into the final art. I’d been struggling for a long time. Many art directors had made a point of saying that my sketches were the strongest work and this time when David DeWitt of Little Bee Books said he loved them, I said, “But I can’t use them as final art”. He said “Sure you can!”  This completely changed my mindset and I felt that I was on my way.

Here are a couple of experiments and some recent sketches. I’m once again working as hard as I can to make all new work for my website and portfolio. Oh how I love this line of work!


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