InkTober 2016 (with daily additions through 10/31)

After having fun with InkTober last year (I actually chose “Oinktober”), I thought I’d have a go at it again this year. My first drawing featured a mouse character so I decided to continue with the mice for the entire month.

These have been remarkably popular and I’ll be making prints of a few of them and offer them for sale. I’ll add the last week’s drawings as I finish them. Here’s the whole batch so far!



img_1134img_1053 img_1059 img_1022 img_1075 img_1144 img_1146 img_1032 img_1037 img_1039 img_1185 img_1231 img_1240 img_1067

img_1130img_1291 img_1360 img_1361 img_1083 img_1084 img_1087 img_1107 img_1116


img_1129 img_1133

14633055_10208904866353786_2881263427708716075_n 14720374_10208906420992651_8614197530434303861_n


friend surprise wreck