Monsters everywhere!

While playing with my iPad Pro I happened to draw this guy.


He made me laugh which led me to draw moreā€¦and more!


I posted many of these monsters on Facebook and they quickly had a loyal following of monster lovers. One in particular HAD to have one. She asked me if I could paint one for her. Of course! Here he is. He now lives in Virginia!


Many people asked me to make cards and I’ve printed a “few” of these guys.

They’ll be available at Open Studios at ArtSpace Maynard this weekend, September 24th and 25th. Stop in!


Toned paper and digital painting!

I’d been feeling really rusty lately and was struggling to get back into the habit of drawing on paper. (I’d been doing plenty of playing with digital media). I came upon some toned paper and remembering the cool drawings I’d seen from Russ Cox and Marty Kelley I decided to give it a shot. Since it was Labor Day weekend it seemed appropriate to focus on school themes.



The mice just seemed to jump out onto the page after that. I’d look at the page, think for a bit and quite often the image would just be there, waiting for me to fill it in and bring it to life. I wanted to try color on the pencil images so I took photos and brought them into Procreate on the iPadPro. The first one wasn’t terribly successful but as they went along, they got better and better. I can imagine doing many more of these!