Lost at sea… GBIG prompt!

We we had the rare pleasure of a guest illustrator at our last GBIG meeting. E. B. ¬†Lewis is an extraordinary artist and illustrator. He calls himself an “Artistrator”.

We enjoyed seeing his work up close and he gave us each a portfolio critique. We learned a great deal about his preferences and how he teaches artists to create excellent illustrations and portfolios that will get them their next job.

We decided to give ourselves the assignment prompt he mentioned during the meeting. “Lost”. I’ve started playing with some ideas and thought I’d post some here and there as I move along. This first sketch started out as a rough drawing just to practice lighting to see if I could get the lighting to work. I took it much further than I had expected since I was ¬†having so much fun. This was done in Procreate on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

Hope you enjoy them!




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