Heading down the long and winding road to the NESCBWI conference.

Wow, there are only 65 days before the Spring NESCBWI Conference!

Over the weekend I hung a show of children’s book illustrations at Pine Manor College with Wayne Geehan, Ed Shems and Toby Williams. Now that I’m done with that project, it’s time to plan out those 65 days!

First of all there are promotional postcards to envision, design, sketch, paint and have printed. Next I need to decide exactly what I hope to include in my portfolio this year. After that I’ll start working on the illustrations that I’m planning to display. There’s also the dummy I’d like to present if I can complete it in time, and the business cards I need to create and have printed. Finally I need to update and rebuild my website! Who needs sleep?

Last year was the first spring after I left my day job. I still had kids at home but was able to spend a good deal of time getting things ready. This year I only have one job, this one. My youngest is in college and my oldest is gainfully employed. Now is my opportunity to see what I’m really capable of!

I have three stories in the works and I plan to have illustrations for all of them in my portfolio. One of them features several animals among them an owl. I’ve been drawing owls for the past several days and having an incredibly wonderful time with these guys. Now it’s time to set them aside and create a plan to make this work!

Wish me luck!

AngeredOwl7 AngeredOwl5 AngeredOwl2