Congratulations to the Tomie dePaola winners!

I thoroughly enjoyed giving the Tomie dePaola challenge a shot for the first time. He made it clear that the biggest challenge was to create a “unique visualization” of the character and to try to create something that had not been seen before. Of course we all know “there’s nothing new under the sun” but it was an interesting problem.

I decided to stick to my own style and create an image that focused only on who I thought Little Red might be and what a sweet and kind girl she was. It was an enjoyable project and I am happy with the outcome. Here’s my entry!


2016 … here I come!

I have high hopes for what might be possible this coming year. I’m eager to keep making new work and get it out in front of Art Directors’ eyes to see what they think. I’ve gotten great feedback so far. There are classes to audit, conferences to attend, residencies to apply for and more!

Monkeys have just become a character for me to play with. I realized that there are some animals that I’d never had a reason to draw. Monkeys are one and cats are another! I thought I’d get started by sketching on my iPad. I kind of like these guys!

Happy New Year and Happy Year of the Monkey!