Describing the indescribable year!

2015. Whoa.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real.

This is the first year that I was ready to submit my portfolio to the NESCBWI Spring conference.

This is the year that I won the NESCBWI Portfolio Showcase.

This is the year I stopped doubting my skills as an illustrator.

This is the year I added digital art to my repertoire.

This is the year that my dream of working full-time as an illustrator came true.

This is the year that my youngest child graduated from High School.

It is also the year that the two of us took a magical, unforgettable trip to Greece.

2015 is the year my daughter started college at UVM in Burlington, VT.

2015 is also the year my first picture book came out from Islandport Press.

This is the year I was welcomed into  the magical community of KidLit illustrators in Burlington, VT,  the New England area, and beyond.

This is the year I discovered that my work can make people smile. Over and over again.

This is the year that anything became possible.

On to 2016!

FoxMistletoe_2b_small GladJul_2